T-Ball League (OLF) - ages 5,6 and 7
Pony League - ages 7 and 8
Cub League - ages 8 and 10
Bantam League - ages 11 and 12
Super Bantam - age 13
Grasshopper League - ages 13 and 15
Freshman League - ages 15-17
Girls Mustang league - ages 8-10
Girls Bronco league - ages 11,12
Girls Colt league - age 15
Freshwomen League - ages 15-17

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What is T-Ball?

T-Ball is an entry-level league to introduce young players to baseball. Players will develop their skills while focusing on the basic fundamentals of throwing, fielding and hitting.Teams sizes are small at about 8-12 players per team. Players all hit from an adjustable batting tee. RIF (reduced injury factor) baseballs are used. Rules

What is Prospect Park Baseball?

The Prospect Park Baseball Association (PPBA) administers a youth co-ed baseball and softball league for ages 7-17 in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. With over 2500 players, it is one of the biggest youth leagues in the United States. The season runs from the beginning of April to mid-June, and most registration occurs December-February. The league is made up of eight local organizations.To sign up, click the sign up tab in the top left of the screen.
Baseball registration starts January 18th for the 2016 spring season

Rainout Information

To find out if the game is being played.
Please call the weather hotline
(888) 473-6864

Please listen to the entire message.
Sometimes games are cancelled in prospect park but are still being played at other fields, or vice versa.
Sometimes games in the morning (9am and 11am) slots are cancelled in Prospect Park but are still being played at other fields.


Prospect Park

Directions: Go in the 9th Street entrance to Prospect Park on Prospect Park West.
Walk straight east across the inner roadway, down onto the fields.
Field 4 is straight ahead—see the second map below which indicates the locations of all the fields by division.
You can also enter the Park on Prospect Park SW between 10th & 11th Avenue.

Public Transportation: F train – 7th Ave & 9th Street Station (7th Avenue stop) or 15th Street Station (15th Street stop)

Sunset Park

Directions: On the east side of 3rd Avenue between 40th and 41st street.

Public Transportation: N or R trains – 45th Street & 4th Avenue.

Parade Grounds

Directions: On the corner of Parkside Avenue and Parade Place.
Field 6 is the corner field; Field 5 is inside the Park and is entered from Parade Place.

Public Transportation: Q Train to Parkside at Ocean Avenue (walk West along Parkside)
Q Train to Church at East 18th (Exit on Caton Avenue, walk East on Caton Avenue, then North on Parade Place).

T-Ball Rules

1) All games are six innings long
2) Three outs per inning.
3) Universal batting (all players will come to bat). A mercy rule of either eight runs or eleven batter will be in effect for the first five innings. The sixth inning and extra innings will be played until three outs are made.
4) Helmets must be worn by all batters, runners and 'on-deck batters.
5) Players must remain in the dugout at all times when not at bat or in the field.
6) The maximum number on infielders is five. First base, Second base, Shortstop, Third base and Pitcher and unlimited outfielders can be used.
7) The minimum number of players is seven(5 infielders and 2 outfielders). Any team that is unable to field seven players will forfeit the game.
8) All postponements and rainouts will be rescheduled by the respective coaches prior to the end of the regular season.
9) No leads from any base. No tagging up from bases allowed. All runners advance at their own risk.
9) A runner is out if hit by a batted ball except when on base or in foul territory. A runner is out if they pass another runner on base. A runner is out if they run out of the base line.
10) Runners can advance a maximum of one base per wild throw, however the runner must make the base. It is not automatically awarded,unless the ball is in the dugout.
11) Runner must be more than halfway home in order to score on a throw home form the field. Once the ball reaches home, the runners can't advance unless the ball is thrown back into the field by the other team.
12) For safety reasons teams will play without a catcher.
13) Each team will umpire during their at bat.
14) All other baseball rules will apply.

Ground rules
1) A batted ball must pass the first line on the field to be considered a fair ball. Any ball picked up before passing the line will be considered foul.
2) All infielders must remain behind the second line untill the ball is batted.
3) A ball hit or bounced over the left field fence, abated ball that hits the overhead cable or a ball that goes over the first base fence (in fair territory) will be considered a ground rule double.

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